About Thom Kitten

Thom Kitten is just your normal, average, everyday kitty kat. Laying about the house by the window to catch a bit of outside warmth through the glass. To the untrained eye he doesn't seem to do much, but it's at this very moment of lounge-about styling's that he is actually living out action packed adventures in his daydreams. Whether it be leading the most rockin-est of rock bands or sailing around the world - you can guarantee Thom Kitten is doing it. So, do take a break alongside his curled up body and catch a few daydreamy adventures with him sometime.

He is currently laying under the tree in the backyard pretending not to be aware of the bird above that he is trying to lure into his genius trap.

Favorite Color: Neon Green
Favorite Food: Little brown x's in a bowl with some kat-nip on the side.
Favorite Musician: Best Coast