Our Story

Waui Design (pronounced Wow-E) is a fun and delightful world of colorful characters created by Robert True in Santa Cruz, California.

When his son Jayce was roughly 6 months of age Robert re-entered the workforce and had to leave his son behind each day as he went off to earn a living to support his family. This was hard and he missed him everyday.

One day Robert drew a sketch of a little baby boy jumping for joy (as Jayce often did in excitement). He then created a friend for this little boy, a proper penguin by the name of Penne. Penne would take care of Jayce and make sure he was happy. The two were very good pals and went on to make more friends.

Robert drew up many characters such as a big loveable panda known as Liam and a wise, but sometimes snobbish Giraffe named Jack. Many others followed after this and soon there was a whole world of adventure and play to be had.

A couple of years later it was found that Robert's son Jayce would be diagnosed with Autism. This would be unhappy news for any family to receive and was taken hard by both of Jayce's parents. "What do we do now?" they thought. After many meetings and research he was fortunate enough to be accepted into a wonderful class for children with special needs. Jayce was so happy in this new environment and to be treated as an equal.

Inspired by his sons courage and strength and use of happiness, laughter and childlike innocence to live his life, Robert took his sketches and thoughts and put together Waui Design as his own way of coping. "I wanted to share happiness with the world. We could use more smiles in our lives because we're all dealing with some kind of struggle. My characters are all full of life and have infectious smiles that you can't help but smile back at. If I can help brighten someones day or help someone find a connection with their children, then I'm happy."

Waui Design is bringing a little fun and happiness to every day.